You know that in order to have a healthy smile you need to practice good dental hygiene like flossing and brushing your teeth every day because it helps you to avoid issues such as tooth decay. Today, we also encourage you to visit the dentist every six months for dental cleanings to improve your oral health.

The dental cleaning is an important component of your routine dental checkups. This is because the professional cleaning enables our team to thoroughly clean the teeth and treat tooth stains that can’t be removed with your at-home oral care. Furthermore, these appointments give Dr. Yelena Mullakandova the chance to identify any signs that are you dealing with a serious issue and need to receive further treatment. By maintaining regular visits to the dentist, you can enjoy more economical and conservative dental treatment.

One of the dental concerns that our team will keep an eye out for during your appointment is oral cancer, which responds better to treatment if detected early. Similarly, we look for any symptoms of gum disease and developing cavities, so that we can help reverse these conditions. It’s important to address tooth decay and gum disease early on because they have been linked to other health problems like heart disease and respiratory issues.

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