What Are the Promises of an ADA Dentist?

Did you know dentists who are members of the American Dental Association make promises to make sure each patient has the best dental experience and oral health possible? Well, it’s true, and Dr. is one of those dentists. There are five promises that the ADA encourages dentists to make, and those promises are: No. 1:… Read more »

What You Can Do About Your Enamel Erosion

Did you know that the strongest muscle in your body is actually your tongue? Have you also heard that your mouth also contains the strongest substance in your body? As you may already know, this incredibly hard substance is your enamel–the outer, protective layer of your teeth. But even though enamel is extremely hard, it… Read more »

What to Expect When Receiving a Dental Bridge

If you’re about to improve your smile and oral health with a dental bridge in , , then our team is happy to help you prepare for your appointment! Dental bridge treatment is easy and painless. Once you complete the treatment, you will have long-term, beautiful, and functional results that will give you the smile… Read more »

The Basics of Dental Crown Treatment

If you are about to fix an unattractive, decayed, or unhealthy tooth with a dental crown in , , then our team is more than happy to tell you what to expect during treatment so you can be ready! When you come into our office and meet with your dentist, you can expect the following… Read more »

Teeth Restored with Dental Implants

A strong blow to the face, can sometimes crack a tooth so severely that it cannot be saved even by a root canal. This is even more likely to happen if you participate in contact sports without the protection of a quality mouth guard. In a case like this, Dr. often needs to extract the… Read more »

Our Teeth-Whitening Treatment is the Best Method for Whitening Your Smile

Stains on the teeth in your smile can leave you feeling self-conscious. The depth and degree of the stains will influence the whitening method your dentist recommends. If you’ve been unimpressed with the whitening products sold in stores, or your teeth are deeply stained, we will likely recommend our dental bleaching treatment. The potent whitening… Read more »

You Can Have the Winning Smile You’ve Always Wanted by Having Porcelain Veneers Installed

As time passes it’s not uncommon for you to experience small chips, and stains on the teeth in your smile. This could be compounded by other imperfections like past dental work that no longer matches the current shade of your tooth enamel. In a situation like this, many people will seek out to explore their… Read more »

Jobs that Are Bad for Your Teeth

Did you know that there are occupations that can harm your teeth and alter your oral health? Well, it’s true, which is why it’s important to care for your smile as much as possible while you are at work. If you have one or more of the following jobs, Dr. and our team encourage you… Read more »

Inlay and Onlay Fillings

There are times when the pervasive bacteria in your mouth manages to exploit the enamel of a tooth, causing a modest area of tooth decay. If you notice a change in your tooth’s texture, a sharp tooth edge or tooth sensitivity, you need to take it seriously. If an area of tooth decay is detected… Read more »

Fix Your Smile With These Restorative Dental Treatments

Restorative dentistry in , , is a beneficial branch of dentistry that can help you improve your oral health when your smile has been damaged, decayed, broken, or worn down. There are many treatments that are involved in this branch of dentistry, and those treatments are: -Dental fillings: Dental fillings are strong dental restorations that… Read more »