Are you about to repair your oral health and improve your smile with a dental bridge? If so, our Glendale Boutique Dental team is so excited for you! Once your treatment is completed, you will have the beautiful, healthy, and reliable smile you deserve.

To help you prepare for your appointment, our team would like to tell you the specific steps involved in the treatment. That way you will feel more comfortable, safe, and relaxed in the dental chair. So, when you come in to visit Dr. Yelena Mullakandova, you can expect the following steps:

-Step 1: First, your dentist will prepare the teeth that are going to anchor the bridge into place. Your dentist will prepare these teeth by trimming a portion of their enamel, making room for the dental crowns that make up the bridge.

-Step 2: Once the anchoring teeth are the correct size and shape, your dentist will make impressions of those teeth and will send those impressions to a dental lab. At this time, the technicians will create a dental bridge that is perfect for your smile. While you wait, you will be given a temporary bridge.

-Step 3: When your bridge is ready, your dentist will remove your temporary bridge and will check the size, fit, and shape of your new bridge. If it exceeds expectations, it will be permanently cemented into place.

If you’re interested in knowing more about dental bridges in Glendale, New York, and the many ways they can help you, please feel free to call 718.821.0170 today and talk to a member of our friendly dental team. We are here to give you all the information you need so you can have a positive and successful dental experience!