You may know that plaque is bad for your oral health. However, did you know that plaque will turn into tartar if it isn’t removed? This buildup of plaque and tartar is important to remove, but have you ever been told why? Do you know what these issues do to your smile?

Plaque is a filmy, sticky substance you can find on your teeth. Sadly, plaque usually forms from microscopic food particles that are hidden on your teeth. If this plaque isn’t removed, it will eventually damage the outer layer of your teeth, also known as enamel. This could eventually cause cavities.

Luckily, plaque comes off of your teeth fairly easily. Even brushing and flossing consistently can remove it from your enamel. Still, it’s important to get to our dentist for a deep cleaning about every six months. If you don’t remove plaque within 24 hours, it will turn into tartar. Tartar is very difficult to remove. In fact, we recommend having plaque and tartar removed by a professional.

If you fail to remove tartar or plaque, your gums will become irritated and red—which could ultimately lead to gum disease. When you are cleaning your teeth, you can actually prevent gum disease. However, did you know that a deep cleaning could also help you prevent this issue? We may also recommend a fluoride treatment, which will help you protect your teeth.

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