DNoA Queens NY

DNoA Queens NY

The DNoA Queens NY portal allows dentists to access and view their patient information, including claims, eligibility, authorizations, and more, in a simplified, easy-to-navigate format. It’s a quick and convenient way to navigate through your patients’ coverage, as well as submit claims for covered services electronically. Dentists can also access a team dashboard that keeps track of important practice information.

Every dentist within a practice has their own login ID and password to access the system, like DNoA Queens NY. For security reasons, it’s recommended that practices set unique login credentials for each user within the office.

Why Use DNoA Queens NY

DNoA Queens NY helps dental offices manage their patients’ benefits information. With this tool, you can review member eligibility and claims status to help streamline your processes. In addition, you can use the tool for electronic claim submissions to help reduce manual processes and errors.

Most plans will pre-authorize the services before submitting a claim. Typically, this will occur within 24 hours of the appointment date but can vary by plan. If the insurance plan requires pre-authorization for the service to be covered, the dentist will receive a message in their inbox from DNoA Queens NY, informing them that the claim has been denied and needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Once the dentist submits an electronic claim for payment, they will immediately receive an acceptance or rejection notification via DNoA Connect. If a claim is denied, the notification of denial will contain information on how to appeal the decision as well as a link to the appeals resources on the ASDA website. Our practice is already enrolled in DNoA Queens NY.

If you would like to know about DNoA Queens NY, call us! We would be happy to answer your questions.