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    Root Canal Procedures in Glendale, NY

    Glendale Boutique Dental has one of the top dentists for Root Canal Procedures in Queens NY: Dr. Yelena Mullakandova.

    A root canal is the result of a painful infection that has affected the inner chamber of your tooth’s root, also called a canal. The blood vessels and nerve tissue within the canal, when it is infected, can cause intense swelling and pain through the tooth, bum, and jaw.

    Our specialist dentist will enter the tooth from the top, using highly accurate tools to clean, remove, and decontaminate the infected pulp within the tooth’s root. Antiseptic is used, and then your dentist will shape the filling to fit in perfectly to the top of the tooth.

    A root canal is a surgical option that can prevent the removal of the tooth altogether.

    Contact the top root canal dentist at Glendale Boutique Dental Today if you are experiencing any swelling, pain, or discomfort at the base of your teeth.

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