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    Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Glendale, NY

    Glendale Boutique Dental has one of the top oral surgeons for wisdom tooth extraction in Queens NY: Dr. Yelena Mullakandova.

    Your wisdom teeth are the 3rd row of molars which often end up impacting the other molars shifting all the teeth in your mouth, this is called impacted wisdom teeth. Usually, wisdom teeth will grow in the mid 20’s or not ever. it is one of the most common oral surgeries and relatively quick and painless.

    The procedure involved the dentist opening your gums and manually removing the wisdom teeth before they cause the painful shift in your other teeth. You can expect to receive something soreness and swelling post-procedure and to eat soft objects. Then before you know it your mouth will be back to normal.

    With many of the symptoms, they get worse if it is not treated, and delaying a dental consultation should not be an option. We are conveniently located in the Glendale neighborhood of Queens NY.

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