Laser Gum Therapy in Queens, NY

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Laser gum therapy in Queens, NY

Laser gum therapy is a minimally invasive treatment to reduce bacteria and kill the germs that cause gum disease. During treatment at Boutique Dental, a dental laser removes plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth, revealing healthier gum tissue. The laser can also be used to reshape the gum line. The laser targets only the areas that need to be treated, so the surrounding tissue is safe.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Laser Gum Therapy?

Laser gum therapy is viable for people with gum disease or periodontitis. Laser therapy treats the infection and restores gum health. This procedure is performed with a dental laser, which uses light energy to disinfect the gums and remove bacteria. Laser therapy is very effective and can help patients avoid gum surgery.

Boutique Dental
Boutique Dental

The Procedure of Laser Gum Therapy

To treat periodontal disease, your dentist will use a laser to gently reshape the gums. Laser gum therapy is designed to remove bacteria and improve the health of the gums. However, laser gum therapy is not a quick process. During laser gum therapy, the gums are numbed to prevent pain. Then, a laser is used to target the bacteria. The laser is particularly effective because it is absorbed by water and attracted to bacteria. Once the bacteria absorb the laser energy, it is destroyed. The laser is precise, so it does not damage the gum tissue or affect the tooth enamel.

The Benefits of Laser Gum Therapy

Laser gum therapy is a gentle, effective way to treat gum disease. Laser gum therapy can remove bacteria underneath the gum line and help prevent further damage. Laser gum therapy can help patients decrease their chances of suffering from gum disease. During the procedure, the gums are sterilized, and disrupted bacteria are removed from the mouth. This allows patients to maintain healthy gums and decrease the risk of gum disease. It’s painless and requires no injections. Laser gum therapy is more efficient when cleaning out the gum pockets.

Boutique Dental
Boutique Dental

Is Laser Gum Therapy Painful?

Laser gum therapy should not hurt. Most people feel no discomfort at all. Some people may feel slight pressure or warmth during the treatment, but this is not painful.

Laser gum therapy works by killing the harmful bacteria that cause gum disease. This bacteria can cause the gums to become inflamed, which can lead to tenderness and discomfort. Laser gum therapy reduces the amount of this bacteria, which in turn, reduces the amount of inflammation in the gums.

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