Nightguards in Queens, NY


A nightguard is a special moldable mouth guard that you wear over your teeth while you sleep. At Boutique Dental, these guards are custom-made to fit your mouth exactly, so they provide optimal fit and protection. They can protect your teeth from chipping or breaking during sleep and can also protect the soft tissues of your tongue and lips from being bitten while you sleep.

Custom-made nightguards are very comfortable and help you get a good night’s sleep. In fact, most people who wear a nightguard report that they sleep more soundly while wearing it than when they do not wear one. Wearing your nightguard at nighttime will ensure that you get the rest you need to stay healthy.

What Involves in the Procedure?

The dentist will first take impressions of your teeth to get an accurate mold of them. Then, they’ll use that impression to create a custom nightguard just for you. They’ll make sure that it fits comfortably and doesn’t bother you while you are sleeping. The best part is that it takes just a short appointment time to get this done! You can leave with a brand-new nightguard in a short amount of time, so you can start experiencing the benefits of your new appliance right away. We do not create mouthguards used in sports!

What Happens During Emergency Dental Care?

If you experience a dental emergency, your first step should be to contact an emergency dentist. During an emergency appointment, your dentist will examine your mouth and take x-rays to determine the proper course of treatment.

How Does a Nightguard Work?

Custom-made nightguards are specially shaped to your mouth and teeth. The material itself is hard and does not bend under pressure, so it helps to distribute force evenly across all of your teeth. This reduces the amount of pressure from your bite on one particular tooth. The soft inner lining of the mouth is also protected from the harder material of the appliance. They fit over your teeth while you sleep in order to correct mouth alignment and stop tooth-grinding, also known as bruxism.

Not only does this protect the teeth from damage, but it can also prevent them from wearing down over time. Grinding at night places harmful pressure on the jaw joints and can lead to severe headaches as well as TMJ disorder. If left untreated, these conditions can develop into chronic pain that may require invasive treatment to correct or cure. Preserving your healthy smile should always be a priority!

The nightguard is custom-crafted using an impression of your bite to ensure the most comfortable fit possible. Once the guard has been created, it’s typically worn nightly to treat bruxism. Some patients only need to wear it when they are feeling stressed at work or experiencing anxiety in social settings, while others need to wear it every night for a lifetime. Either way, wearing a nightguard can help to prevent future damage to your teeth and ultimately help you preserve your smile for years to come.

Many patients use nightguards to preserve teeth from teeth grinding and for bruxism prevention. If you have questions about nightguards or how you might benefit from having one created, get in touch with Boutique Dental at 68-35 Myrtle Ave, Queens, NY 11385, or call Dentist in Queens, NY at (718) 821-0170.