It’s obvious that a lot of things deprive people of happiness in life; some of these things are minor while others are significant. An example of one of the minor thing that can change the mood of someone almost immediately and deprive them of happiness is having a missing tooth. It’s so depressing to those who are shy because it prevents them from laughing out loud in public. Having a missing tooth is not new, as a matter of fact, there are several circumstances which can lead to missing tooth, they can happen by accident, tooth decay or gum disease. Whichever the case is, the tooth is missing and we all want the solution to it so we can have that smiling face in public once again anytime we wish.  There are basically two major methods used in fixing a missing tooth of which one was used during the olden days while the other is a modernized solution to combat the defect of the first. Dentures and Dental Implants are the two methods. But before going to look at what each other are, there is a pertinent question we ought to ask ourselves.

Is dental implant or dentures even necessary for a missing tooth?

The answer to this question shows that we are not only getting a tooth implant or denture to restore the missing tooth; it seems so to a lot of people. However, apart from depriving a smile from a missing tooth victim, a missing tooth can affect one’s health more than we realize. How does it happen we may ask! Well, when the gums in the missing tooth are exposed, it becomes easier for bacteria and tiny food to get stuck in them. If these bacteria and food are not removed early, they could lead to infections. These Infections would gradually grow into gum disease, which has been linked to both diabetes and heart disease. So as we can see, fixing it as soon as possible not only gets your smile back, but it also helps prevent future damage to your health.


The denture is the oldest among the two; our forefathers first used it during their period. Theirs was made of a combination of human bone, rare hippopotamus ivory, but now metal fasteners have been adopted also. They are just removable teeth replacements that come in a partial set or full set. They are most popular for those who are missing sets of teeth rather than just one.

Dental Implants

These are permanent teeth replacements which are taking over Denture lately. They cost more than denture but who cares when you know you aren’t going to spend again for a very long time. A dental implant is easier to maintain, looks more natural than a denture; it sure gives you that confidence in public back. It’s just a revolution since it was discovered.

In conclusion, it can be seen that dental implants are better than a denture, but that’s does not rule out denture entirely. Planning on replacing any missing tooth, your first step should be to see your dentist to seek for his or her opinion on which is better for you.