Did you know dentists who are members of the American Dental Association make promises to make sure each patient has the best dental experience and oral health possible? Well, it’s true, and Dr. Yelena Mullakandova is one of those dentists.

There are five promises that the ADA encourages dentists to make, and those promises are:

No. 1: Respect a patient’s wants and needs
Your dentist will listen closely to you and will do her best to help you achieve your smile and oral health goals. Your dentist will also make you involved in your treatment decisions, which means she will give you treatment recommendations and you will make the final decision. You will also have privacy and confidentiality.

No. 2: Do no harm
Your dentist does her best to keep you safe and healthy. This means that she will keep his knowledge and skills up to date by taking continuing education courses. Your dentist will also refer you to another doctor if necessary.

No. 3: Do good
Your dentist will provide high-quality treatment all while considering your values, desires, and needs. This also means that your dentist will keep your best interest at heart and will discuss treatment options with you so you can both decide what’s best.

No. 4: Be fair
Your dentist treats each patient equally, which means she does not discriminate and will provide dental care without prejudice.

No. 5: Be truthful
Your dentist will do her best to create a relationship with you that is based on trust and honesty. That way, you will feel more comfortable in the dental chair and you will feel confident that you’re receiving the best treatment possible.

Because of these promises, your dentist does her best to make sure you are well taken care of. To learn more about your ADA dentist in Glendale, New York, please call Glendale Boutique Dental at 718.821.0170. Our dental team is more than happy to tell you all about your dentist!